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Our Ecosystem

Explore all possibilities in a new & complete financial Ecosystem

Investment regulated exchange for tokenized securities (RWAs). eNor Securities offer expert tokenization advisory, guiding issuance, structuring, and distribution.

A Registered Digital Assets Issuer for Agricultural Commodities, the first company globally authorized to issue Digital Assets for Commodities like Soybeans, Coffee, Sugar and Corn 100% backed by the real assets.

eNor Digital is a Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange focused on permissionless assets, new services and DeFi tools.

Our technology development company is focused on proprietary development, partnership with other important tech players and Web3.0.

Community+ was developed to create an intersection between our customers, service providers and content productors. We provide and promote a full infrastructure to make the communities together.

Our Learning Center offers easy online access to high quality Capital Markets Education for all. This is our social commitment, to prepare  people to learn, understand and be ready to explore new investment structures in the tokenized world.

Decentralized Perpetual Exchange for Agro Commodities. Web3.0 is a reality for Enor, and we understand that most of the tokenized securities will be negotiated inside decentralized apps. At this moment we are running the dApp on testnet.

We provide a variety of ways for our users, clients, investors, collaborators, and partners to engage with and explore the opportunities within Blockchain investments.

Our focus includes delivering fully regulated structures tailored to institutional investors, developing our proprietary technology, and forming strategic partnerships with top developers in the industry.

Additionally, we are dedicated to education through our Enor Academy, actively sharing valuable insights with the community.

Our mission is to lead the change in reshaping the finance and tech worlds.

eNor is poised to redefine the financial market, offering an all-in-one ecosystem that seamlessly blends the crypto industry with traditional finance. We are on a mission to democratize finance, ensuring that wealth distribution reaches everyone, opening the doors to investment for all.  

We aspire to transform the way people interact with money. Our vision is to transform finance and crypto, ensuring that they coexist to bring out the best of both worlds for the benefit of all. 


We are a team formed by professionals with experience in both the crypto market and the traditional finance.

This motivates us to build a bridge between the two worlds, bringing all the technology available in blockchain, a new direct relationship between investors and borrowers, taking advantage of the learning from the traditional market using the best technologies.
With traditional founders recognized as Crypto OG (Old Guardians), the company conveys to the market the seriousness and commitment of continuity and perpetuity of its operations, providing a safe and reliable environment for its users in any type of service used within the Enor ecosystem.
Our partnership organizational structure allows everyone involved in the company to grow and become great professionals, ensuring the perpetuity of the business through the next generations.